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Studio at Tango Libre
2485 Ave Mont-Royal Est



West Coast Swing is an excellent choice for today's dancer, allowing freedom of expression in the dance as well as being extremely versatile in the types of music that it can be danced to. (ie: pop, jazz, blues, R&B etc.).The dance appeals to many different age groups, perhaps because of this versatility in music genres and tempos. As your style or the style of the song changes, so does the dance: from smooth and sexy to up-tempo and beaty.

New dancers can start dancing with just a few basic moves, while more experienced dancers can expand on these moves to limitless variations, while working on techniques and the language of the dance.

So,...Whatever your music preference, age or dance ability, there is something for everyone. That's why we love West Coast Swing!


Student comments


Monique & Denis

“ Nous sommes inscrit de fa├žon permanente ! On se voit en classe ? ”



“ I love West Coast Swing. I'm learning a lot. ”

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